Quick Winter Shimmer Berry Make-up

You’ll love this super cute shimmer berry look! It’s one of my personal favourites and goes absolutely great with party attire, especially for the winter or holidays. It makes me think of sugar plums and I’m sure you’ll feel particularly sweet with wearing this makeup. This look is perfect for cute outfits in any berry colour, purple, silver or black.


Light Silver Shimmer

Dark Aubergine Purple Shimmer

Medium Magenta/Berry Shimmer (make sure it’s on the purple side)

Light Matte Silver


Black Pencil Liner

Pencil Brow Liner


Mauve Blush

Mauve Lipstick

Let’s get started! As always, make sure you start with a clean and lightly moisturised face then apply your choice of foundation. We’ll jump straight to the eyes as usual. First, apply the light silver shimmer evenly all over the main eyelid up to the crease. Next, take the pinkish-purplish berry colour and apply it just above the previous colour, in and slightly above the crease. This is your mid-tone. You’ll want to make sure the colour tapers or gets thinner toward the corners of your eyes, so start the application just about a centimetre away from the mid-point and then spread the colour toward each corner. Do not over-blend.

Now we’ll take the aubergine colour and apply it on the outer quarter of the eyelid, from below the mid-tone down to the lash-line. Because we want this look to be sweet rather than bold, don’t blend the colour too far inward. At the same time, don’t wing the colour outward, try to keep it mainly on your lid. Do not trace the dark colour along the crease as you would normally. Doing so adds depth to the eye, which will take away from this look. The great thing about this is it saves you some work!

Next we’ll revisit the pink-purple berry colour and add just a dab slightly off-center of the eyelid, connecting it to where the dark colour ends. This just adds a bit of gradation on the lid and shouldn’t be too heavy or noticeable. Also apply the colour below your bottom lid. Go back to the dark eggplant colour and apply to the bottom lid as well, only on the outer half.
For a brow highlight, use a blending brush and take the matte light silver just under the entire brow. Ensure that this highlight is a matte color so that you don’t overload your eyes with shimmer. Then, using a thin, damp brush, go back to the shimmer silver and apply it around the inner corner of your eyelid and stretch it both above to connect it to the silver base, and slightly along the bottom lid.

To finish the eyes, apply a black pencil liner to the lash-line of the upper lid and water-line of the lower lid. Do not create a wing. Use volumising mascara rather than lengthening mascara or false eyelashes. Lastly, fill in your brows with a pencil for a more defined brow.

Finish the look with just a sweep of mauve or light-coloured blush upon the brow bones and some mauve lipstick. Stay away from lip colours that are too berry-coloured or that match the colours of these eye shadows.

Now you’re ready to capture someone’s sweet tooth! This sugarplum shimmer berry look is great for parties and any evening outing.

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