Eyeshadow Brush

How To Use An Eye Shadow Brush

I am going to show you how to use an eye shadow brush and I have got four here which I think are really important. We have the large eye shadow brush which is really good for using over quite a big area, mainly for using lighter colours. We have the smaller eye shadow brush again, it's for really pressing the color into the eye but this is for like darker colors or slightly smaller area, and then we have a couple of different blending brushes.

One is a bit bigger and a narrower one depending on, you know, again what size area that you're using. This is really good for just going all over the lid, just really concentrating, pressing the color into the eye, really good for highlighting, then again, this is the smaller brush with a slightly darker color again. Just going to bat that, so thick bristles, thick bristles are really good for just pressing into the eye, getting a good concentration of color and then you can use your fluffy brush just to blend away any dark edges.

It can also be used just to smudge the eye line, just helps stop any sort of hard lines around the eye, just all the colors blending together nicely and again if you want to use the thicker one, you can just use it all along with crease that will cover slightly bigger area. So, that's how you use the eye shadow brushes. .

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