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How To Choose A Lipstick Brush

I'm going to talk about how to choose a lipstick brush. You sort of walk into the store and you've just got a mass counter full of brushes and different brands and everything. So, what I've done is I've picked sort of two brushes that I think are really useful.

The main thing obviously, the main thing that you want to think about when choosing the lip brush is that it should really be synthetic fibres. This way, you know you're using a lot of water and gel-based products and creamy products. No good for, you know, when you've got lots of bristles.

So, that's the main thing. I'm going to start with the large flat brush, and this is really, really useful for like a bigger surface area, really good if you're using like a natural lip color and maybe if you want to use a little bit of gloss over the top, really good just to fill in lots of, you know, larger areas. So, that's the first one I would get.

The other one is the smaller brush which you can see the pointy tip and that's really good for defining around the lips, perfect if you're using a darker lip colour and you can just really get right into, you know, the tight corners and really define the cupid's bow area. So, that's how to pick a makeup brush. The thicker one if you've got slightly bigger lips or you're using a sort of more neutral colour, if you want a bit more definition or you're using a red or a darker color, then go for the pointy brush.

So, that's how to pick out a lipstick brush. If you want to learn how to clean a lipstick brush as well, check out my other videos.

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