Removing Lipstick

Lipstick & Lips:
How To Remove Lipstick

So there’s two phases to this. I prefer using the first phase to be an oily based makeup remover. I've got some pads because there is an easy way to use them but you can obviously use any sort of oil base and this just really breaks up the oil product, it's just a really quick way of doing it.

So, I am just going to use a couple of these pads and sort of fold them over and saturate a cotton pad. Just gently, you don't want to do it too hard because you don't want to stretch your lips or stretch any part of your skin really because it's very delicate, especially the lips and the eyes. So you just want to work gently from side to side.

You can even hold that on there for a few seconds and that just adds a little bit more product on there and that helps break the product up. I'm just going to use another one and come up on the top. Just very gently, do more patting rather than sort of too much pulling.

As you can see, that has gotten rid of quite a lot of products and the thing with this is they are left with a nice shine which for bed is, again, not ideal. So, the second phase would be to use your cleanser. The cleansers I'm using are so very fragrance-free.

Perfect for removing lipstick and lip makeup and again you can use your normal wash off cleanser or I've got just a sort of water cleanser, nice and gentle. I'm not going to aggravate them or dry them too much. I'm just going to again gently pat this over.

That just sort of gets rid of the extra product. And again, if you got a real deep red or a real dark color, you might just want to go over that once more and just make sure that that's just completely gone. Otherwise if you don't remove your lipstick, you'll wake up and your lips will be chapped, they'll be sore and be really uncomfortable.Please Share This Video With Friends

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