The Making of The Rock Bridal Look

This is the making of the rock bride look to view the rock bride finished look click here

The Bride Rocks Up Makeup

Apply a eyeshadow all over the eyelid, applying a darker shade into the corners to shape the eye ( make sure to blend). Add lashes and a hint of shimmer. A coat of mascara was applied over the false eyelashes. Use a dramatic shade of eyeliner and blend. Small amount of glitter in a light shade is applied to highlight the eyes. A natural base is applied to even skin tone. Powder is used to fill gaps in eyebrow and to define the brow, framing the face.

The Bride Rocks Up Hair

Set the hair in heated rollers. Tong hair in small sections., gently curling around the wand then spraying with hairspray. The hair was pulled back and middle section backcombed and pinned.

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