Make-up for Blue Eyes

How To Apply Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

I am going to do makeup for blue eyes. I'm going to go like for an evening look here. And instead of using black which can sometimes, on blue eyes, look little bit harsh, we're going to use the dark navy blue and this is really nice to define the eye, bring out the blue but not look too heavy or too dark.

So, I'm just going to use some of the navy blue gel liner and I just wanted to define all around the eye. I want to make this quite smudgy and this way, we can really get a look for the evening and we can turn into a smoky look as well. And I just want to make that quite thick, no need to define the eye but not make it too defined.

I think it's always nice to join the outer corners, working a way quite close to the lash line. So this is a really good cake, you can get the different shades of blue in there and so you can define if it's okay and you can use it, the eyeliner, or you can mix them all together to make a different shade. I'm just going to add a little bit of this sparkly blue colour, just really make everything shimmery and a nice evening look.

So, you just want a nice wash of the sparkly blue color and because we want the main focus to be on the eye liner and it's a beautiful navy blue, so I'm just pressing gently all over the lid and into the inner corner just to give a little spark when you just open up. This is a great way to apply eye makeup for blue eyes especially for any evening look.

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