Make-up Basics : The Lips

Covering the basics of dressing up those lips. The importance of moisturising through to application of lipsticks and glosses.

Make-up Basics - The Lips

Now we are going to be looking at lips, including prepping, lining and filling in the colour, including lip shading.

The Lips - Preparation

Just like your skin, you need to prep your lips to give a really nice finish and end product. The basic thing you need to do is always keep your lips mosturised with a lip balm or maybe Vaseline. Then you also need to think about exfoliating your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells, the best way to do this is to get a clean toothbrush and brush over your lips. Leave balm or Vaseline overnight to turn your lips soft and smooth, ready to go.

The Lips - Liner

If you use a lip liner, this can help define and shape your lips and work as a perfect base for any lip shade and help it last longer. The basic lip principles are if you have thinner lips, highlight above the natural lip line. To make lips smaller, fill the lip line inside the natural line.

If you have unsymmetrical lip shape, the side which is slightly smaller extend slightly by lining outside of the natural lip shape. If you feel you are happy with the way your lips are just draw exactly along the lip line.

If you have trouble getting the lip liner straight along you lips, draw dashes along your lips and then join up to provide the perfect straight liner. To make your lipstick last longer shade the entire lip area, going over with your favorite lipstick.

Matte lip colours work well on showing off big lips, whilst lighter shaded gloss helps extend the shape of smaller lip shapes. Experiment with shades and colours, filling inside your lip liner area.

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