Make-up Basics : The Eyes

Covering the basics of the eyes. From eye brows through to shading techniques for applying eye shadows.

Make-up Basics: The Eyes

Now lets take a look at eyes, we are going to be using eyeshadows, liners, curlers and mascara, to achieve some fantastic basic looks.

The Eyes- Plucking Eyebrows

Now I am going to show some basic ideas to pluck and define your eyebrows, this is going to help frame your face and is a must before trying to achieve any eye based make-up look.

When your plucking eyebrows remember the best thing to do is to pluck beneath the eyebrow area and not above. Grab the hair between the tweezers and pull very quickly away the way the hair is growing.

To find the perfect shape for our eyebrows, there are three lines to remember. The front should be inline with the end of the nose, the outer edge should be in line from your nose through the outside of your eye . The in-between center between these two points is were the arch of the eyebrow should sit. The best thing to remember is to to keep the same shape as your natural eyebrows, just thinning and plucking away from underneath.

The Eyes- Defining Eyebrows

Next we are going to learn how to define your eyebrows, a pencil works well for this. We are just going to fill any little gaps, that we find after combing through the brows in an upward motion.

First warm the pencil on your hand to rebut and soften any sharp edges. Then in little a feathery strokes, colour in any odd and obvious gaps in the eyebrow, also if you have plucked away too much you can use the pencil to extend the brow line. Comb through once more to provide a soft natural looking finish to the eyebrow area.

The Eyes- Eyeshadow

Now we are going to be moving on to looking at eyeshadows. There are literally thousands of different ways, colours and varieties you can do with this, so really experiment.

In an eyeshadow palette their will often be three different shades of colour with the lightest shade being known as the highlighter. Using a medium or large eyeshadow brush, first we will start by applying highlighter under the brow, depending on the look you are trying to achieve you can also add highlighter to the lid area of the eye, blend well down towards the upper lashes. Use a smaller brush to shade in the darker colour to selected areas, if your only applying one colour use a medium brush to sweep across the whole of the eyelid.

Using the crease in the eye helps to shade the area, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Sweep colour across the crease following the natural shape of your eye, then blend in the points where to two colours meet, softening the edges.

The Eyes- Eyeliner

Now I am going to show you some eyeliner basics, simple tips to achieve different looks, then use these tips to experiment and find out what works best for you.

If you have small or medium eyes, you should only use eyeliner half-way across along the bottom and top of the lash to help widen the eyes. If you have bigger eyes then line all the way across the lash top and bottom.

I am going to use two different colours to show two different effects, with the main thing again to remember is blending in. If applying an eyeliner with a pencil soften with a brush to achieve the blending natural look, softer edges achieve a more daytime look whilst sharper edges can stand out more for a great fashion or evening feel.

Black eyeliner often works best, yet brown eyeliner on light skin achieves a great soft daytime look and feel.

The Eyes- Lashes

Curl the lashes with an eyelash curler. Getting a grip towards the root of the lash being careful not in pinch any skin, gently squeeze together and hold for 5-8 seconds allowing to curl, this opens up the eye area making you look wide awake!

The Eyes- Lashes - Mascara

Always the last stage in applying eye make-up is mascara. Lengthening, volume and curls this is a great way to finish an eye look.

When applying mascara to the lower lashes, look slightly up and when applying to the upper lashes look down. A good mascara should appear to lengthen(by straightening), separate and add volume to the eyelashes.

Using a mascara comb sweep through the coated mascara removing any clumps. There your perfect finished eyes.

For more dramatic eyes, use eyelash extensions

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