Make-up Basics : Blusher

Covering the basics of applying colour to the cheeks.

Make-up Basics - Blusher

In this video we are going to be looking at blusher and introducing the highlighting and shading techniques that help to define you cheekbones.

Blusher- Using Blusher

The blusher brush and your blusher. Now there are different types of blusher, your powder and your cream. First I will show you how to use the powder, really blend in an up and own motion across the cheekbone, your cheeks have a curve to them so really work the blusher into the curve. To find exactly where you cheekbone is, smile when applying the blusher.

The second type of blusher we are using is a cream blusher, the best way to apply this is to warm in your finger tips and dot the product along the cheekbone and blend in upwards with your fingers, irradiating any sharp lines or edges.

Blusher- Highlighting and Shading

Next section to focus on is highlighting and shading. bright colours highlight the area making it look bigger and dark colours have the opposite effect making areas look smaller and recede the area.

Blusher is used for three reasons, to add colour to the area or to make a cheekbone look less or more prominent. To add colour apply like in the examples before, smiling and applying colour alone the cheek bone blending well.

To tone down a prominent cheekbone, a darker blusher needs to be applying just above the bone itself. To make a cheekbone more prominent a lighter shade needs to be applied just inside the cheekbone line.

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