Make-up Basics : The Base

Covering the basics of applying the base. From choosing the correct colour foundation through to applying concealer and powder.

Make-up Basics - The Base:

In this section we are going to be looking a base. Foundations, concealers and powders to help you achieve the perfect complexion.

First thing you need to do is to establish a correct colour. Usually the best thing to do is to try 2 or 3 different foundation shades on the jaw line and whichever one blends in the best is the colour that you want to choose. So blend in with one finger across the jaw area and whichever one sinks in and becomes invisible is the correct colour. The first shade on the left is far too light, the second shade in the middle will make the skin look too orange, yet the third one sinks in perfectly.

After you have chosen your perfect shade you need to then apply the foundation with a brush. With outward motions down the center of the face, cheeks then chin, nose then forehead, taking more care around the delicate eye area. Apply foundation with downward and out motions, blending well into the jawline, any uneven edges blend with a sponge, to achieve a smooth sheer flawless finish.

The Base - Concealer

This concealer is excellent for hiding dark under-eye circles (Dior Skinflash). What you need to do is apply dots of product along the darkest points of your eye, then use you fingers to warm and blend in the product and help the dark circles disappear. The other way to achieve this is to use a concealer brush, made of synthetic hairs and having a firm tip to ensure accurate application, apply concealer in the same way focusing on the darker inner corners of the under-eyes, blend in well with the brush.

Cream compact or stick concealer is ideal for any blemishes or redness that you may want to conceal. To conceal blemishes or spots, apply the product on the center of the problem, then with a finger or a brush work you way out from the center until the blemish is concealed. To achieve the best conceal you will want to match the colour to your skin type on the same way we matched the foundation shade earlier.

The Base - Applying Powder

The last step in completing the base and flawless finish is the powder, this will help keep your base firmly in place. You need a big rounded powder brush and we are going to use circular motions, either use a pressed or loose powder they both achieve the same kind of results. Start by putting a little bit of product directly on your brush, tapping off excess and in circular downward motions, apply generously across the skin, you don’t have to be strict with it, put plenty on.

Brush off any excess product, The second option is to use a pressed powder and velour puff. This method you need to gently dab and pat onto the skin, pressing and setting your foundation to keep int in place all day. (you don’t want to rub as this will move the foundation and concealer beneath!)

In any oily areas add a little more product. Use a fan brush to move any excess powder or product on your skin, gently stroking off the excess product from your face.

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