Applying MAC Eyeshadow

How To Apply Mac Eyeshadow

So now I am going to show you how to use a MAC eye shadow. I've got a really beautiful color here that I'm going to demo on. The great thing about MAC is the fact that all their eye shadows are really highly pigmented which means that you get a really intense color so the color that you actually pick up here is going to be the color that comes out on your eyes.

There are two ways, again, you can use it just as a shadow or if you really want to really increase the intensity, if you just use just plain water, you can use that and it makes a really nice creamy texture. And again, like most eye shadows, if you just press the color using your large eye shadow brush, you can just really get fantastic strong color. We use all over the lid.

And the good thing about these is that you hardly need to use any product so it's going to last for ages. So, that's how to apply a MAC eyeshadow
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