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Lipstick & Lips:
How To Have Long Lasting Lipstick

I am going to show you how to get a long lasting lipstick look. It is perfect for an evening. You don't want to keep reapplying.

Even during the day, you don't want to always keep reapplying. It is good for not getting too much lipstick on the glass when you are at a restaurant and things like that or on your partner. What three things we need to do is we are going to line the lips with a lip liner.

This makes them nice and sticky and just really helps the lipstick to stay. You want to try to go for a lipstick that is not too glossy, so more of a sort of satin or matte sort of shade, a satin or a matte texture. Then we are going to put a little sealant over the top and that really helps it all bond together and help it last longer.

We want to fill in all of the lips, don't just focus on the line. Go right into the middle and all the way around, just making sure that you fill in all of the little gaps. Then we are going to take our lipstick and I am going to apply.

You can apply with a brush or from a stick. You get sort of a heavier coverage if you do it straight from the stick, but for precision, I am going to use a brush and just fill in. The first coat I am just sort of dabbing on just to really make sure that it sticks to the lip liner.

Just really work in the product into the lips. Just blot your lips together, you can do this on a tissue or just as you are, and that really helps it all mold together. Then, I am going to go over it.

Just apply a second coat. This just adds the depth of color. It is better to do a couple of sort of thin layers more than once of heavy layer that will just sit on the top of the surface of the lips and just come straight off.

It is better to press two light layers and you can always dab a little bit with your fingers after. Then, I am just going to use a little bit of sealant. You don't need to use too much of this and then you just allow that to dry.

Just put that all over. You can even go a tiny bit above the top of the lips and that just helps seal everything in. And that is how to have long lasting lipstick! .

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