Kristen Stewart Eyes

How To Do Kristen Stewart Eyes

So now, I'm going to show a look at how to get Kristen Stewart eyes. I'm just going to go for a really smoky, really messy, grungy kind of look; that's her style. She does not really wear any lipstick or blush or anything like that.

So, we're just really going to make it messy and smoky. We're going to go for colours that she's been wearing recently. So, I'm just going to start off with plain eye shadow.

Then, I just want to press the colour right into the eyelid and it doesn't really matter how neat you are with this; the messier, the better. Want to get that rounded shape; just blending out as we go and I just want to build that colour up, sort of make it dark and deep, just concentrating the colour mainly towards the lashes. And then with a fluffy brush, just want to smoke that up around, right into the socket and just want to keep building up the colours.

This colour's quite a matte colour but we're also going to add a little bit of shimmer, just to keep it a little more on trend. Her look is just really fierce and grungy. We're just going to blend that right up - right up to the top of the eyes.

You see, we get a little bit of, lots of colour as we walk up to the top of the eyebrows, anyway. Just keep applying more colour and just blending with your fingers and with the brush, stopping right into the corners. And if you look up for me, we're just going to blend in this colour underneath; make it look really dark and mysterious.

So, just work it all around the eyes. Don't want to see too much light. I'm just going to grab the black liner and just really intensify the look.

And if you just look to me, just work that right into the lash line, right into the corner. I'm going to smudge a little bit along the top just to thicken the lashes like that, a little darker. And that is how to get Kristen Stewart's smoky eye.

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