Winter Candy, Kiss Me Make-up!

This look is especially charming during the winter but is absolutely flattering when you want to feel bold and beautiful with a minimal makeup application – any time of the year! Sexy, sheek and voluptuous lips will have all the boys seeing “red!”


Light Silver Shimmer

White or Beige Shimmer


Black Liquid Eye Liner

Black Pencil Liner

Brow Pencil

Mascara/Fake Lashes

Light Blush Color

Matte Cherry or Candy Red Lipstick

Clear Lip Shine

The allure of this look is achieved through modest eye makeup and bold candy red lips, perfect for winter outings. We’ll start with the eyes as usual. This time, we won’t be applying any gradations. Make sure the light silver shadow is very sheer, it is only meant as a thin base color to contrast against the liner. Apply the light silver shadow to the entire eyelid up to the crease. You can also dust some very gently beneath the brow for a highlight.

Next, take the white shimmer and add just a dab to the inner corners of the eyes. You can choose to line the lower lid just on the inner quarter. Next up is the liquid liner. We are using liquid in order to get a sharp, defined line that goes with the theme of this look. Apply the liquid liner thinly to the lash line of the upper lid. Try to be as thin as possible. At the outer corner of the eye, create a dramatic wing in an upward angle as opposed to horizontal or downward. Take the black pencil liner and line the outer third of your lower waterline; if you choose, you can do the entire waterline.

Apply lengthening mascara or, if you prefer, fake lashes. In my opinion, they go perfect with this look. Lastly, fill in the brows with a pencil brow liner but don’t make them too dark; it’ll take away from the focus of the look. Opt for a liner in a lighter shade, or use gentler strokes.

This make-up look is all about the lips, their kissability and the colour! Use a lip brush to apply a matte lipstick all over your lips, in a slow and careful manner! A bold cherry, candy apple shade is what you are after. When applying a bold lip colour stake extra care not to go over your natural lip-line, using a tissue to blot away excess is a great way of minimising colour spill!
Use a complimenting light coloured blush to give that dash of colour to your cheek bones. Now your just so kissable!
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