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Lipstick & Lips:
How To Find The Right Lipstick Shades For You

I'm going to show you about the right lipstick shade for you. Now, the possibilities are endless. But I think the things you should consider are your skin tone, eye color, obviously the tone of your lips, what occasion it's for.

Perhaps if it's an evening look that you want to go for, you go a little bit darker, a little bit stronger. I'm just going to sort of demonstrate with a daytime look which is something that you know. I'm just going to demonstrate with a daytime look that will just enhance the rest of your makeup.

So, what I would suggest when you're picking out a color is to just go a shade brighter or a shade deeper than your natural lip tone. Okay, so for example, we've got a sort of medium lip tone with a sort of hint of red in there and so the sort of color that I've chosen is going to be like a pink plum color. So it's not like a real bright pink but we've also got a little bit of the red in there so it won't look too pale.

So if I just apply a little bit of that on there, I'll just put a tiny bit, just almost like a stain really, and then if you can just see the difference with the top and the bottom, it's the same sort of color as the lips but it's just that little bit brighter, just gives a little bit more of a lift. If we just apply this quite naturally, obviously the most natural way is to use a brush. Okay, so just as a tip, obviously we've gone for like quite a daytime look here so we wanted to keep everything quite natural, eyes and lips to just balance the whole look.

Again with balancing, if you go for a real dark eye and that's your focus, then keep it a really nude sort of lip and that'll just look really nice. And if you want to focus, if you love your lips and you want to go for that sort of look, then just go for something really bright and bold, match it to your fuchsia pink outfit or something like that. And that's how to pick the right shade of lipstick for you

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