Eyeshadow Pencil

How To Use An Eyeshadow Pencil

There are a couple of different versions that you can use for this. You can use an eye shadow as an eye pencil and what you do is use an eyeliner brush but one with like a flat edge and you just apply the product as you would like a normal brush and then just apply into nice soft wave.

This is really good if you want a kind of use some color or as a slightly softer look rather than of a harsh pencil. If you're quite fair or your eyes are quite light, then you might want to use this as an eyeliner rather than a sort of thick pencil. In this way, you get a thinner line, you can smudge it.

You can get just a really soft line which looks really good for daytime or if you're not used to wearing a lot makeup, it's kind of a good look and you can't really go wrong with it, you can just smudge ends and so you're happy with the line. So, another way is to use an eye shadow pencil. This is a cold pencil and it's just a little bit softer and especially when you're using pencils down the eye, really don't want to put a really hard pencil in your eye.

So what you can do is use a cold one which just stays softer. Just warm that on your hand; just make sure there is no sharp edge. This way, we're going to use, this can be used in the inner ream of the eye and again, this is why you really want to make sure that you get those edges softened down a little bit.

And what we're going to do, if you can just like show your head for me, if you just gently touch them, don't drag it or pull in, and just along the water line, quite close to the lashes and which is again, it's little soft strokes being careful not to get right into the eye, just along the water line. And that just adds a little bit of drama and again, you can obviously use the black but you can use the smoky grey if you got lighter eye. That looks really good.

And this one is just a crayon and again, it's just really soft, really easy for blending. That's how you use an eye shadow pencil.

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