Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

How To Apply Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

I am going to apply eye shadow for blue eyes. I'm going to use some really nice copper and gold sort of colors. These are great for every day.

Again, you can make them a little bit darker if you want an evening look. But these make blue eyes look really blue. So I'm going to start off with a gold and we just really want to just press the color into the eyes as close to the lash line and round, just shape, shaping the eyes and then blending out.

It's just a really quick way of adding a little bit of intensity, making the eyes really stand out. And I'm just going to add a little bronze color underneath and that's just going to add a little bit more definition. Again, a really good way of defining the whole eye instead of using eyeliner at the moment is to run the color underneath.

So if you just look up for me, you can use the gold color if you want to go a little bit softer. I'm just going to use the bronze color for now and just add a little bit of depth. All the way along just smudging and blending as we go to get rid of any lines.

Working it right to the corner. Just smudging in the corners. Just going to add a little bit more definition in the crease.

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