Eyeshadow Application

A Guide To Eyeshadow Techniques

I mean, there is so much we could cover but I think what I'm going to do is just explain and show you two of the main techniques that we would use. Firstly, for like a natural daytime look, you know, just to shape around and sort of get that almond shaped eyes and then another one, maybe use slightly more dramatic looks where you would slightly extend the eye shadow outwards.

So, I'm going to start with my large eye shadow brush. I'm just going to use a lighter color all over the lid. Just going to go for quite a lighter color here so that you can see exactly…what you want to do is you just want to press the color into the whole of the lid.

Just make sure you've got that nice density of color. You just want to follow the natural shape of your eyes with a little sweep motion. This is really good when you use your fluff brush and you just want to shape around and sort of a half moon shape.

So, we just run that around and just slightly down and then you can get a darker color. Again, you can use it on your fluff brush and we just want to define the socket. This will just bring out the eyes really good again for a natural sort of a daytime look.

Again, you just want to sweep that down and around. Then I'm just going to come up across here and make sure that all meets, just going to make that slightly darker now. Then again, if you just look up for me, then we bring that, meet that around and can run.

That's quite a nice look at the moment if you just run the eye shadow along the lash line and again, make sure everything just meets. Use your fluff brush and just blend any edges away. Then you can go a little bit darker if you want to but I think that's quite nice for a natural, everyday look.

And then, the second one I'm going to show you, again I'm just going to press the lighter color all over and you can just do this until you get the color that you really, really want. If you're using lighter colors, you can just keep pressing that in until you build up, until you're happy with the colour and then for this one, as we work, we start in the middle and then as we are working our way across to the edge, we want to kind of sort of look as if it's a sideways V shape and just make sure that all the little strokes that you use are just in a upwards direction. What I like to do is I like to start just over three quarter way along the lash line and just work my way upwards.

Again, you can see that's one side and then work the way upwards. If you're not very good or if you're sort of trying to learn this and you just want to extend it, you can always use your hand or a tissue and that just if you just use it diagonally, you can just extend that out and usually you would do it sort of to the end of your eyebrows or as far as dramatic as you want it to go. And that's a basic guide to a couple of eye shadow techniques.

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