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Lipstick & Lips:
How To Exfoliate Lips

So now, we're going to exfoliate the lips. This is really important because you generally spend a lot of time looking after your skin and sometimes the lips get forgotten about. But they still shed skin as well, so you get little bits, so you just want to get rid of that to make sure you've got a nice smooth application for lipstick and gloss.

There are lots of different little kits that you can buy. I'm using a Benefit one here; it's just a little light beads. You can also use an old toothbrush or you can use, if you've got face exfoliator, you can use that there.

You know, they can be fragranced so just be a bit careful. So, what you just want to do is you just want to apply a little bit of the product and just spread that sort of like cream all over the lips. And what I would do is just apply with a cotton bud all over.

And then, if you can just get your finger tips and massage that all in, all the way around for just a couple of minutes, and that way, it gets rid of all the dead skin. So, now I'm just going to apply some water, cleanser onto the cotton pad and just remove the excess beads. I'm just going to gently make sure that we've got no little bits left.

So, that's how we exfoliate the lips and now they're all ready for lipstick.
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