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Make-Up Artist Tips & Trade Secrets:
How To Clean Your Lipstick Brush

I am going to show you how to clean a lipstick brush. I think there are three main ways of doing this. So, if you're at home with sink, then you can put a little bit of warm water in the bottom, a little bit of shampoo, I like to use a baby shampoo which is really soft just to make the bristles fall out, and then just literally run the brushes into the water.

Rub them between your fingers so all the products come out and just run them under some warm water for a little while and just making sure all the soaps are gone. If you are kind of not at home or you are just applying two colours, you might want to clean them just in between. We have got a brush cleaner.

I mean, you can just literally just spray this onto the brushes. Just give them a little wipe. That literally just gets all of the products really easily.

All the other way is to use a water cleanser against it, quite mild. Just put it on a little cotton pad. Use quite a little bit because it is quite tough to get it off.

Again, just work into the cotton pad, just all the way through the bristles. Just make sure every little bit is clean. That is how to make your lip brushes nice and clean.

If you do this, then you will be able to keep them for years. .
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