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Fall Party Makeup: The Shimmer Look

If you’ve read our fall trends article, you’ll know that mulberry lips with down-played eyes and dramatic liner with pale lips are the hit styles in fall makeup. Here’s an in depth twist on the latter look for parties, special occasions, or formal events!

This look is a shimmery, bright-eyed look that hinges on the crisp air of the fall as it rolls into winter and the warm golden colours of the season’s leaves. It goes best with dresses of black, off-white, crème, gold, bronze, mauve, silver, and greys. To get just the right touch of shimmer, don’t go with eye shadows that have larger shimmer or glitter particles. A natural and soft shimmer is what you need for this look.

Eye Shadow Colors:

Shimmer Crème Base/Champagne Base/Silver Base (usually in pencil form)

Shimmer Chocolate Brown

Shimmer Gold/Soft Gold

Shimmer Crème/Champagne

Non-shimmer Medium Skin-tone – Should be slightly darker than your normal skin-tone with a bronze or peach tint

Shimmer Black (optional)

Other Supplies:

Brow Shadow (optional)

Black Eyeliner

Black Mascara

Cheek Bronzer

Cheek Highlight

Natural Pink Blush

Pale Lipstick of your choice

Medium to Full Coverage Foundation

For this amazingly beautiful fall look, start with a clean, moisturized face and medium to full-coverage foundation. The first thing we’ll focus on are the eyes. You can have your make-up artist put this look on for you, especially if you have trouble with gradations of eye shadow.

First, apply the shimmer pencil base in crème, champagne or silver all over the main eyelid up to the crease as a base. The color can be chosen based on what you’re wearing or is completely up to you. Do this gently and lightly as we are only aiming for a base and not full colour.

Next, you want to add the first gradation: medium skin-tone. Again, this should be slightly darker than your normal skin tone or foundation and serves to ease the visual transition from skin to eye shadow. Apply the mid-tone above the crease of the eyelid, from outer corner blending inward. Go over with a blending brush to smooth and buff it out.

Next, apply the shimmer chocolate tone below the crease onto the eyelid at the outer corner. Only apply to the outer third of the eye and the outer corner. Spread the colour toward the inner corner along the crease by blending. Softly blend the outer half as well, so you can see a gentle gradation from mid-tone to chocolate brown. This tone should be just below the mid-tone.
The next gradation is the shimmer gold or soft-gold. Apply this colour just below or inside of the previous colour. It will generally go on the very centre of the lid slightly outward. You should see a gentle gradation from mid-tone to brown to gold.

The final gradation is the shimmer crème or champagne. This shadow should be more prominent than the pencil chosen for the base. Use a wet brush to load the colour and apply from the inner corner up to the halfway point of the lid.

Finally, using the chocolate brown once more, apply just beneath your lower eyelid. You can also optionally take a shimmer black in a thin line just beneath the lower lashes for some definition.

Now we’ll finish up eyes.
Apply liquid liner (pen form works great) just above your main lash-line in a thin to medium thickness. Extend the liner beyond the outer corner of the eye to create a wing for that fall dramatic liner look. Use a black pencil liner on the waterline of your lower lid. Fill in your eyebrows with brow shadow or a brow pencil, to give them slightly more definition. Lastly, use black mascara on your lashes.

And now, let’s finish the whole look!

Apply a soft bronzer just below the cheekbones to get a natural contour – nothing dramatic. Just above and slightly overlapping the bronzer, apply a mere touch of natural pink blush. Just above that, very lightly apply the highlight colour onto the cheekbone and above the bronzer in the area sometimes called the “c section.” Lastly, pick a pale pink or mauve lip colour with just a bit of shimmer. If matte, you can opt to add a sheer gloss coat, and you’re done with the fall-shimmer look! This is great for late nights out or for both formal and dressy parties. Our favourite combination is the fall shimmer look with a little black dress!

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