Applying Lip Gloss

Lipstick & Lips:
How To Put On Lip Gloss

You can't really get lip gloss to last all day but we are just going to help make it last a little bit longer. So, what I am going to do is to just dab a little bit of concealer.

You can do this when you are applying your foundation and just run, just dab a tiny bit all around the lips to just blend that. It is just a little bit of a base. If you want to sort of go through some bright colored lip glosses, well, this will help to sort of even out any redness and uneven lip tone.

You just need a very small amount and just sort of pat that in. And, two types of lip gloss, I think, you have got a stick, a lip brush, quite firm. I think these are quite nice if you are in a bit of a rush and you just want to dab a little bit on.

The second one comes with a brush and this is sort of quite good if you want to sort of get really good definition and you have got a darker color again and you just want to be a bit more precise. I am just going to use the brush for now and I will do a start in the middle of the lips and just work the color then. As you can see, the bulk of the color will then go in the middle rather than all in the corners and then just literally spread all over, right, and just take the natural shape of your lips.

So, I would go from one side like this and then to the other side rather than going straight across you. Just sort of shape and also try and keep it in the middle and most of the product there and then just work your way around from side to side and then as you have got a bit less of the product, see you can just work, just keep the little strokes, just keep working that around, just following the lip line around. Just a little feathery strokes until all the lip gloss is fairly evenly spread.

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