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How To Wear Natural Lipstick

So now we're going to do a 'how to wear a natural lipstick.' This is great at the moment. Everyone, you know, all the celebs are sort of really focusing on their eyes, so they're just going for this really nude lip.

I think there's two ways of doing a nude lip. It again depends on what other makeup you're wearing or personal preference. We've got a pinky nude and a beige nude, and I think the best way to wear it is to really sort of blot out any sort of color within the lips to start with.

So I'm going to just use a nude-colored lip liner and just want to fill in all over the whole of the lips, not just the lip line, but just fill in the middle. This is just like really great if you're going for really sort of strong eyes and just to play down any sort of color in the lips. And it's a really sort of sophisticated look.

You know, you're not wearing too much. Or if you don't like wearing too much make-up, this is sort of perfect for you. Just fill in.

Just get rid of any sort of redness that you might have, just tone that down just with your lip brush. Again, a good way to get a natural-looking nude is to just apply with a brush. It gives the most natural looking application.

If you sort of use it with the stick, then it tends to just - so if you get quite heavy coverage, quite a lot of the product goes on there. Whereas if you kind of use a brush or just sort of dab with your fingers afterwards, it just really tones it down and really keeps it natural. So, there are lots of these colors around.

You can pick them up on the high street. If you're used to wearing a red lip and you just fancy having a try with the nude, you don't have to spend a lot of money and they're just everywhere at the moment. So that's how to wear a natural lipstick. .

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