Wedding Make-up and Hair Preparation Tips & Tricks.

"Easy bridal make-up and hair preparation tips- look at your beautiful best from wedding through to honeymoon."

Wedding Skin Preparation

Looking for that perfect bridal foundation? Check out our Bridal Foundation by Skin Type Guide.

Most women really want there make-up to look amazing and sometimes wonder why it doesn't always look as good as it could.
This is because the best way, is to look after your skin!

Cleanse- Oily skins will like gel wash off cleansers and dryer types will prefer creamy cleansers or for a boost oil cleansers. Avoid the oily/creamy cleansers on your honeymoon though as they way be too heavy. 

Exfoliate- This is my most crucial step!!! Most people will wash there face and often use some kind of moisturiser but quite a lot will not exfoliate their skin! I think it is like tree shedding leaves, if they shed the old ones it gives room for the new fresh ones to come through! Exactly the same with your skin if you want fresh healthy looking skin and want your make up to sit properly then you must exfoliate.

Tone/freshen- Good for opening pores of oily skin equally good for giving dry skin a boost of hydration. 

Moisturise- Even if you have oily skin use moisturisers for hydration, this is because oil and hydration are too different things.

Masks- Like boosters to your skin they can help improve problems if you use the right ones. (use Dermalogica if you have real problem skin- it is never too late to improve the condition of your skin.)

Healthy lifestyle- I know you may all yawn but honestly this is one of the best ways to help achieve great skin and hair. 

Things to cut down and avoid if you can:- smoking, drinking alcohol, fatty foods.
Things you should try and increase:-
Sunscreen, Water water water....... increase in vitamins veggies, including lots of green leafy ones, and fruits, nuts (pref not covered in chocolate!), milk.

Wedding Hair Preparation

Prepare your hair early, to achieve your perfect wedding hair

Growing hair- One of the first things to think about is how you want your hair to look in terms of length. Plan ahead and make sure you don't have it cut right before your wedding in case they take a little bit too much off the length.

Treatments -
Can really boost hair growth (along with healthy eating). Try using a hair treatment for at least once a week and start as many months before your wedding day if you can. For the last couple of weeks increase application to two times a week.

My favourite treatment is L'oreal Professional Intense Repair Conditioner. I also like Kerastase hair mask as a treat as it is quite expensive, it is however very concentrated so you only need to use a tiny amount . Use one of these treatments and you will notice your hair has become smoother and shinier for your wedding day!
Conditioner -
During the buildup to your wedding day always make sure you condition your hair. It will help repair damage and make your hair sleek and shiny.  Well conditioned hair will also behave better when styling. If you have ultra fine hair however, make sure you buy products to suit your hair type.

STOP! Straighteners and Curling- (just for a while!)
If you just love your GHDs! make sure you use a heat protector during the weeks leading up to your wedding whilst using applying any excess heat to your hair. A product such as Paul Mitchell Heat Seal will help to limit damage and stop your hair drying out too much. If you can cut down and then stop straightening your hair the week before you wedding, you will notice a big difference in the quality of your hair.

Hair extensions?
There is quite a bit to hair extensions! as are many different varieties and types that can be used. Clip-ins: I think the most useful for wedding hair are clip-in extensions, they are the easiest to maintain and can be easily taken out if you don't want them for your honeymoon. You also have a temporary glue extensions which will last two or three washes and then peel off. These are a little bit like false eyelashes you glue them to the hair but the glue will then dissolve when washed. This is good of your celebrations are lasting a few days or you would like them for your honeymoon. Bonds: If you would like them to last all wedding and all honeymoon. Think about bonds. They do look good and will last a while, however this may limit you to the style that you have on your wedding day. If you want to wear your hair up it is very difficult to make these bonds completely hidden.

Think carefully about if you want and fringe and if you, the way you want your fringe to look. Allot of the modern styles look really nice with a side sweeping fringe of hair. Think about the length of the fringe as if it is too short it will not stay put to one side and could end up in your face all day! When you have a trial our stylist could show you how a fringe could look and give you some advice,if you decide you don’t want a wedding fringe you don't have to have it cut! 

Getting That Wedding Tan

No-one wants to be transparent in their wedding pics!

Hen Holiday Tanning!- A pre-wedding tan-up might sound like a good idea , but be careful as you don’t want to get burnt the week before your wedding! Also think about avoiding strap marks! especially for those strapless brides dresses!

A good way of doing this is to buy a swimsuit and holiday dress/top with a similar cut to your wedding dress.

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Self Tan Skin tips- Fake tan can look great. If you want bronzed skin for your wedding day and don’t want to be cooked and cause skin damage by the use of a sun-bed. First remove all unwanted hair prior to tanning, either Wax 48hrs before or shave 24hrs before to avoid tan showing up in open pores. Start then by exfoliating to get rid of the dead skin cells, this ensures a streak free tan. Then moisturise with a non- oily moisturiser and start with a light application, building it up. Products i really like to use are Fake Bake’s mouse, Clarins body butter, Models co spray and St Tropezs everyday. 

Wash-off tans or makeup bronzer- You can buy wash-off tans which you can use for a day on areas that you think you need a temporary boost of colour. Many people fear these will wash off onto their wedding dress or the colour will streak. As long as you let the tan dry thoroughly before getting dressed the tan will stay on all day, until you scrub it off in the bath or shower. If you feel like your face needs some extra bronzing, our make-up artists can add bronzing lotion or powder such as Fake Bakes Beyond Bronze you give you a wonderful wedding make-up glow.

Wedding Nail Preparation

Often over-looked, but important for your detail photographs!

Make sure you think about getting your nails polished. The photographer is likely to take a picture of you with your rings and you do not want unsightly, dirty nails. If you have open toe shoes shoes you will want to have a pedicure. If like me your nails never grow to a nice even length then think about getting nail extensions, you can have them as long or as short as you like, so that you can still just about do things.

Wedding Day Make-up Preparation

Things to do: 1 week- 4 days before

Shape your eyebrows and waken up your eyes!- Wax, thread or pluck its your choice but get it done at least a couple of days before otherwise preferably a week before to avoid a rash (not what you want on your wedding day!)

Lose that facial hair: Bleach, wax or thread allow at least a week just in case

Get yourself a facial: If your going to get yourself a facial treatment, or do a D.I.Y facial, make sure this is done at least 1 week before the day of your wedding. This is because you don’t know how your skin will react to the products used and facials often cause temporary breakouts as they are designed to draw out all the impurities to deep cleanse your skin.

Fake Tan: If your getting a professional spray tan book this in for two days before your wedding. If your self-applying a gradual tan, start this a week before and continue until you have reached the desired colour.

Things to do: the morning of your wedding

Wash your face- Before your makeup artist is due to arrive gently wash your face, with your recommend skincare products, if your unsure about ones to use ask your make-up artist at your trial.

Brush your teeth-
Its best to brush your teeth before your make-up is applied!

Try not to rush about!-
It is hard to apply make-up to a sweaty, frantic panic monster! Take time to relax and enjoy being pampered on your special day

Wedding handbag makeup essentials

Lipstick/Lip Gloss- You will need to purchase a lip colour/gloss to apply as top-ups during the day. This may be the one your makeup artist used on the trial or it maybe your all-time favourite colour!

Blotting Sheets -
If your skin is really oily, it may be useful to carry some blotting sheets, Body Shop make some good ones!

Powder Compact-
If you get a little bit shiny towards the evening or just want to keep a matte look, then it will be worth carrying a powder compact.

If you want to look more dramatic in the evening you may wish to also carry an eyeliner of your choice

Perfect Honeymoon Make-up Ideas

Often over-looked, but important for your detail photographs!

Foundation- A waterproof foundation is a good idea for your wedding and honeymoon (depending on your skin type). The Airbase range of foundations are ideal.

Eye Make-up-

Two great waterproof mascaras
are the YSL waterproof and Max Factor false eyelash mascara.

Bobbi Brown do the best Long lasting cream eye-shadows, once on, they do not smudge or budge! They also do some marvellous little gel eyeliner pots and the best bit is they are waterproof. (also don’t just stick to black, try the violent ink and navy blue shades)

Benefit make a little blue pot of magic called Shelaq. It waterproofs any make-up of your choice, use it as a lip sealant or eyelash sealant. It will help you look fabulous on the beach without having to worry about the attack of the smudge monster!

The choice is between semi permanent lash inserts and strip lashes. Sometimes i will use individual lashes just in the outer corners of the eyes to add some definition or try using strip lashes which can be removed at the end of the day.

tip: Get yourself some eye definition by getting your eyelashes and eyebrows tinted.
Wake-up looking amazing, your lashes and brows need no extra help to start the day!

Why not treat yourself to a tinted lip balm, which can be used during the day instead of a lip gloss. If you buy one containing SPFs your lips will also be protected from the sun. This way your lips will stay super soft and sun protected!