Make-up and Hair - Wedding Eyelash Extensions

"More and more brides are wishing to make their lashes appear longer or fuller for their wedding day,
enhancing the look and drawing attention to their eyes."

False eyelashes also have the benefit of helping an slightly older bride look younger. Here at K Fuller we offer three types of false lash application for brides, which one is best for you depends on the following questions.

1) How long do you wish them to last ?
2) How natural do you want them to look?
3) How much do you want to spend?

The Three Eyelash Options

wedding bridal strip eyelashes
semi-perminant bridal lash extensions
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Strip Lashes (Quick/budget solution)

Ideal for single use on your wedding day. Quick and easy to apply achieving long thick lashes. Perfect for a quick enhancement. Simply remove them at the end of the night with eye-makeup remover.

Temporary Individual Lash Extensions (More natural finish)

Individual clusters of lashes are applied to achieve a more natural looking finish. These eyelashes will last 2-3 days from application, or they can be removed in a similar way to strip lashes.

Semi-permanent lash inserts (
Long lasting, most natural finish)

These lashes to last through your wedding and honeymoon: They are waterproof individual inserts lasting up-to two months and are applied one-by-one to the root of each lash. They feel weightless so they are more comfortable to wear. Giving you fuller lashes and achieving a more natural look. They would need to be applied before the wedding day as they take up-to 48 hours to fully set and they take an hour and an half to apply.

When the lashes start to shed (from 3 weeks) we recommend removing these lashes professionally, to ensure no damage to your natural lashes. Alternatively we can come along after 3 weeks to apply in-fills if needed.

£10 - 15 minutes

£15 -
30 minutes

£65 -
1 1/2 hours
removal and in-fill from £20