Creative Wedding Nails

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Don’t fancy the norm when it comes to your wedding nails, try some imagination inspiration from these creative wedding nail ideas. There are tons of ideas on how to pull off a very memorable wedding from the dress down to the venue. But at times, wedding nails are overlooked.

Paying attention to every detail is what makes a truly memorable wedding and is what your guests remember, so never forget to add creativity when it comes to your wedding nails. You can go from traditional dainty nails to fabulously glamorous nails, here are some of our favorites when it comes to trendy wedding nails.

Glamorous Nails


For brides who want all the glitter and glamour on their weddings, this is the nail style to go for. To capture that glamorous look on nails, go for metallic nail polish. You can even choose to have different colours on each nail if you wish. Using glitter is a great way of adding some glamour to your nails, go for a gradient effect so your glitters won’t look distracting.

Edgy Nails


Want to have some edgy wedding nails, then browse the internet for ‘edgy wedding nails’. To achieve the edgy polish above is quite easy, start with painting your nails with your favourite peach or light pink polish. Wait for it to dry completely. Next step is to pour a little amount of shimmery polish onto a piece of paper and dip the bigger tip of the bobby pin into the colour. Make a zig zag motion with the bobby pin until you come up with the style you desired. Lastly, put on a clear top coat.

Whimsical Nails


For brides who like everything pink and pretty this design is the one to go for. Be playful when it comes to your nail polish by incorporating fun designs like popping red hearts or dainty flowers. You can choose any kind of thing to paint on your nails. You can also go try polka dots.

Pretty in Pink Nails


Unleash the girly girl in you by going for pink nails plus a touch of shimmer or glimmer. You can also try on glittery pink, pale pink and different hues of pink on nails. It need not be all uniform. To add some twist, you can paint one nail on each hand with glittery gold.Another modern trend is to simply go for a plan hot pink nail polish.

Classic Nails with a Twist


Your classic French tip can be more interesting when you add a sparkle. Go for glittering tips instead of the usual platinum polish.
You can also try on these styles on any occasion. You can even wear them on just any other day to give some boost on your day. Pretty nails are a girl’s best friend.

Pretty Bridal Nails

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Paying attention to every detail is important when it comes to your wedding look. Your nails should also look their best. This is the time you can go out of the box to try on something really whimsical to make the occasion even more magical. Here we narrow down our list to our favourite bridal nail designs.


Glittery Nails

While many wedding makeup artists say your day make-up should not be glittery, your wedding nails can be as sparkly as you want. You can go for pink or peach nail polish as a base for your glitter coat. You can choose to have the glitter on the tips instead of the entire nail. This nail polish style will surely catch the eyes of everyone. You can also go for a rather simple version of this one by choosing to add subtle sparkle to your fresh manicure.


Simple yet Elegant Ring Finger Nails

This design is no doubt a favourite of many. There is not much going on. It still sparkles even without a lot of glitter on it. Going for this design is simple just have your nails cleaned, coat it with a transparent polish then add on a simple ring design. This is perfect to symbolise your vow to your groom.


Try on Blue Hues

Go for something beyond the usual by having blue nails on your wedding days. Lighter shades of blue like sky blue would definitely look dainty against your white wedding dress. You can go with a simple plain blue polish on your nail or you can add more drama by adding a bit of glitter or even rhinestones on top.


Multi-tone Nails

Go for something with geometric design to achieve beautiful two tone nails. You can try on a nude shade and a glitter shade. You can also choose to go for different shades of one colour. You can also choose any colour with lighter hues to wear on your nails. It is best to go with lighter shades with multi-tone nail polish for they are already stylish by themselves; darker colours will look over the top.


Pinks Nails with Heart Accent

Pink nails would always be a favourite for a classic bride. It looks dainty and young. To put some twist to this classic nails add on a heart on top in one of the fingernails. The heart would pop against the pink polish.


French Tips with Sparkle

French tips are always a favourite for wedding nails. They are classy and beautiful. But if you want to add more interest on your nails make tips using glitter nail polish instead of the traditional white nail polish.

When it comes to your bridal nails, consider the perfect length to make room for your chosen design. If you can;t grow you nails the way you would like consider UV Nail extensions as they look more natural than acrylic ones.

Bridal Nails With Style

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wedding nails close up

The eye is in the detail! As every detail will be noticed on your wedding day you will want to get things like your wedding nails just right. Just like your dress, the cake and your flowers, your photographer and guests will be looking to capture every detail for you to remember for a lifetime. So your nails should be cleaned and polished to perfection in style. Nails also convey a message on your wedding day especially when people would be wanting to see the ring on your finger. Bridal nails also reflect the personality of the bride. There are many styles of nails to choose from. Here are some of them:

french wedding nails

French Tip

You can never go wrong with a French tip. Most brides go for this dainty and classic style as It goes with any wedding theme and dress. If your after simple and elegant looking hands, go for a luxury manicure finished with French tip nails. You can choose from a range of colour options, or just keep it simple with a clear base and white tips.

gem bridal nails

Gemstone Nails

Another popular option is to add a few gemstones to a french tip. Brides can add more sparkle and shine to compliment their wedding ring with gemstones on their nails. For those brides who want to add a touch more glamour, you can’t go too far wrong with a few sparkly gemstones! My tip would be to keep it simple by applying only to a couple of your nails as above.

Buy Gemstones and Crystals for Your Nails


Yet I have seen brides who decide to go for gemstones on each finger and this can look absolutely fabulous as well if placed and applied correctly.

gel wedding nails

UV Gel Extensions

These are perfect alternatives to acrylic nails. These are great for brides who want added length to their nails during the big day. Longer length makes room for more creativity and style on your nails. UV Gel nail extensions can look more natural than acrylic nails and are better in keeping your polish on longer. Beware that they do have to be filed off to remove. If properly looked after a set of gel nails can last for unto 3 weeks, seeing a bride through her honeymoon with great looking nails!

bridal nail art

Bridal Nail Art

Brides who are more leaned to their creative side would fall in love with nail art. You can express yourself more with nail art. There are many styles, tricks, materials and variations to choose from. You can have beautiful masterpieces on your fingers and even choose to add a ribbon or glass crystal on your nails. But keep in mind the balance of attention, the focus is you not your nails.


Minx Pre-made Bridal Nail Art Ideas (Wraps)

Be part of the original nail art celebrity trend, Minx nail wraps. A great and simple way of giving your nails some wow for your big day, with hundreds of pre-made designs to choose from and only around £10 for a full set!

Natural Nails

For brides who want to keep it really simple, going for their natural nails is an option. Wearing clean natural nails on your big day calls for taking care of them on the previous months. Natural nails do not necessarily mean devoid of any nail polish or manicure treatment, It just means cleaning and polishing your nails without too much going on.


Glamour Nail Ideas for Brides to Be

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Bridal nail art has grown in popularity over the past few years and with brides wanting unique style ideas then this is a great option. Whether you choose to use a salon or do the nails yourself you can express how you feel and create a nail design that works well with the preplanned wedding theme.

Teardrops and spirals are the rage of the 2013 nail art world. Many salons are able to complete this look in various colors and at an affordable price. Keep in mind that you may even get a discount if the salon knows that you are using them to make your hands shine for when your significant other places the ring on your finger.

nail art bridal

For brides that prefer to stand out may choose to go with nail art that have add-ons such as beads, jewels or even real flower petals. There are hundreds of ways to create the perfect look for your nails that will leave you looking stylish and trendy. If you prefer to make your nails a part of the entire wedding package you can purchase gloves that have extensions that will be placed on specific fingers. You can continue the design from the veil or gloves onto your nails by creating art choices that match the patterns.


One of the more popular options for 2013 brides is designs that include acrylic flowers giving you the ability to create a realistic illusion. A subtle pink and white combo helps to give an elegant look but does not come off as too flashy. You may even choose to use a white and red combination for a rose illusion.

With the variety of options available for nail art you should take the time needed to choose something that makes you feel good about the way you look and that will help to make your big day as special as possible. Whether you choose to go with a simple design or something a bit extravagant you will be the envy of your guests.

For those brides that want to extend the nail art idea to the others in the wedding party may consider coming up with a design that will be worn by all of the bridesmaids and flower girls. You can find a wide variety of options that will coordinate well with the colors that you have chosen for your wedding.

View our bridal nail options


Τhe top 5 OPI nail colours for brides

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5 pretty pinkish shades great for your wedding

The big day has arrived and you are in the middle of a nail crisis! What is it going to be then? The timeless french manicure -bride' s favorite all over the world- or a traditional beige? The sky is the limit regarding the color that you will choose for this momentous occasion! Read on to find out which are the top 5 nail polishes suggested by one of the most successful nail care brands in the world, OPI, as do not forget that all eyes will be on your hands -and of course your nails- on your wedding day and you have to be well prepared for that!

wedding bridal pink nail colour

1. Nude nail magic: if you want a traditional but yet feminine color that suites every skin tone then try OPI Nail Polish Barre My Soul, (£ 11,33), a timeless sheer beige hue that can be perfectly applied on square shaped nails. Easy to apply and reliable as a quality brand nail lacquer, this shade by OPI can be perfectly used as a french manicure base color as well.

opi wedding nail polish

2. A pink bride with a dusty rose hue: well as a girl you dreamed of this day and now that the time has come you want everyone to see it? Then choose OPI's Nail Polish You Callin Me a Lyre?(£ 11,33), a girlie pink that hits all the right notes for your big day! No matter how many handshakes you have in one day this nail polish will not disappoint you!

engaged wedding nail colour K Fuller

3. Engaged to be married: well do you fancy a girlie nail polish that tells the world how happy you are to be engaged? Otherwise Engaged by OPI (£ 11,33) is ideal for you as it’s the perfect color for your dream day! It looks lovely on every length you might have as it is pale and makes your nails look healthy and shinny. As delicate as it should be this shimmer pale lacquer is the sweetest nail color to complete your fine- wedding ring wearing-hand!

got a date to knight

4. A date with destiny: do you want your life with your future husband to be sweet like candy? Then OPI's Got A Date To Knight (£ 11,33) is your first choice as it is a deliciously sweet candy pink, that gives you a strawberry sweet look! Well your knight in a shinning armour will be dazzled by this beautiful pink from the OPI Princess Charming Collection. Very easy and smooth to apply you will see that is thicker than other nail polishes but for a more stunning result apply two coats so that the result is more solid.

hopelessly in love wedding nails

5. Do you i want a nail polish that whispers romance? Then OPI's hopelessly in love (£ 11,33) is the idyllic pink for your romance and your nails! Apart from adding a natural glow to your nails it is a pink subtle bu effective hue that is also perfectly used as a french manicure base. If you are after a natural look then is the one to hopelessly fall in love with on this day, apart from the groom of course!

Tip: even if you are not a manicure lover bear in mind that on this particular day your hands are playing a significant role in the whole event. All eyes will be on your hands and your wedding ring which in other words it means your nails-no pressure but- have to be perfect! Choose from a huge variety of nail services and give yourself a full luxury manicure or try for this day the miraculous gel nail extensions and nail your wedding!


Get Your Nails Up to Scratch for Your Wedding!

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nails wedding

We have just the article to help you out with getting beautiful nails for your wedding!

First things first, you need to determine what your problem is and determine it early! As per normal suggestions, start three months before the wedding. Examine your nails. If you have nails that are slightly yellow, clear, or that constantly break – keeping you from having long gorgeous nails, a few things could be the cause.

- Your diet may not have enough protein. To remedy this, try drinking a glass of milk per day and adding eggs and fish to your diet. You can also take vitamin B to help strengthen your nails.

- Your nails may be suffering from constant chemical damage from acetones, bleach or laundry detergent. To remedy this, try removing nail polishes less often and use gloves when washing dishes or hand-washing laundry.

- You may have a fungal infection. Avoid constantly damp conditions and try to dry your nails very well after getting them wet. Clean them often with a nail-cleaning stick (sometimes found on nail clippers). There are also medications to help with fungal infections under nails.

Once your nails are fine (or if they were already), learn how to properly maintain them. Filing should always be done in one motion, never back and forth. Trim and care for your cuticles. Clip your nails as often as possible to prevent them from breaking when they get too long. You don’t have to clip them all the way, just a trim will do. It has been suggested that clipping nails can help lead to faster growth. You can also apply clear supplemental nail polishes that harden and protect, giving you a coat of nail-security.

If you want long, shiny yet natural nails for your wedding, you can also regularly visit a manicurist who can pamper your nails to a beautiful polish-free shine and can put nail growth solutions on them.

If all else fails or you simply want fancier nails, you can always get an acrylic or gel manicure. Just remember that the application and removal of these fake nails will damage the integrity of your own. Make sure you get your nails done no more than a day before the wedding. You don’t want to see spaces of nail growth and you don’t want to scratch and chip them before the wedding.

Getting your nails to a beautiful state can take some time. We can’t remind you enough to start early! Don’t expect your nails to be up to scratch overnight or even within a week. Before trying to fix them from the outside, remember that beauty begins on the inside!

Top 3 Nail Products to use for Wedding Day Perfection.


O.P.I Start to finish Base and Top Coat

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hand and Cuticle Oil

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File