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Basic Skincare- cleansers for different skin types.

Cleansers- quick ideas to get you started.

A few products to help as a guidance for choosing basic skincare products.

If you can afford to invest in some premium brand products it will help you get started as the consultants will be able to match and give you advice and a good regime to get you going. However this isn't always possible.

Cleanser- Micellar waters are everywhere at the moment and are a decent everyday, purchase. If used properly this will give you a really good cleanse, you need to make sure you put some product on a cotton pad and massage all over your face. Do this until the cotton pad eventually wipes clean. This should happen after the 2nd pad in the morning. When taking off your make-up you will need to go over the whole of your face and neck a few times. This is good for most skin types, especially sensitive or irritated. I like the simple one at the moment but lots of brands do them. This is definitely a better way to cleanse if you usually use face wipes(not good for everyday cleansing.)

Dry or Dry/oily combination- Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

This is amazing and really gives you a deep down cleanse. One of my absolute favs!

Oily- Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

A great gel wash that leaves the skin clean and not feeling greasy.

Sensitive- Avene are a wonderful brand if you are struggling with sensitive skin. They do a few different cleansers depending on what your skin is like but brilliant if you have sensitive, sore or irritated skin.

Toners- choose a toner that goes with your cleanser. It will work in conjunction with the cleanser you have chosen and give your skin extra benefits of those products.

High street or premium brands will have these products in there ranges, its important to know your skin and choose products that work with them. It is likely that our skin will change so do not be afraid to change products with these changes. You will get the most out of your skincare when using products your skin likes. Try them and pay careful attention to improvements in your skin by following a basic routine EVERYDAY!

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