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Building on the Basics Make-Up

Building on the basics.

Building on the products that we started with in my previous blog. These are extra additions for a basic day or evening look.

Concealer- this is most useful for concealing under-eye dark circles. This will add a brightening effect to you face and stop you from looking tired. If you have blemishes these will also be covered up by concealer.

Brows check out my blog about brows for more info.

Bronzer- this is a great addition to blusher. It won't brighten the skin the way blusher does but it can add definition to your face. Apply this to the area under your cheek bones to give you definition and apply lightly to areas of your face in which you may want to appear smaller or less noticeable, such as forehead. Bronzer is also excellent for adding a little warmth to the skin. Either in the Winter to warm up a paler skin or in the Summer for a sun kissed glow.

Eye liner- perfect for adding shape and definition to the eye. It can also add more drama to your look, turning it from a day to evening look or can turn your usual look to a fashionable/on-trend, coloured eye-make-up look in an instant.

Lipstick/Gloss- helps to brighten the skin and adds drama as well as defines and perfects the lips. Choose a colour that is similar to your natural lip tone to find a suitable, natural shade for everyday use. Experiment with brighter shades for an evening make-up.

Check out my favourite make-up page for ideas for products.

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