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Dual Phase Cleansing

Dual Phase Cleansing

As the title suggests I thought I would write a little article about cleansing- twice!

I was first introduced to this idea about 15 years ago when I was regularly using the 3 step system by Clinique.

Anyone who knows about the Clinique 3 step system will know that you have a Facial soap, refiner/exfoliate and moisturiser (to restore moisture) as your regular 3 step but then you also have to choose a specialised moisturiser for your skin needs. Along with this you have to choose a make-up remover. Hence the Dual Cleansing. Sometimes I would cheat and double up with the Facial Soap to remove my make-up. In later years I moved on to using Dermalogica and they have a product called Pre-cleanse. Which is an oil based make-up remover- the first oil based remover I ever used! It is brilliant.

I used to have oily/combination skin. This resulted in regular breakouts. I since believe that had I of stuck to dual cleansing my skin would have significantly improved.My skin has since changed to being dry/combination and I still find it useful- heavy oils/balms removes creamier based foundations and heavier face creams.

I have tried many make-up removers since and I have to say I do believe it is beneficial. The reason I believe it to be so useful is to ensure you are properly cleansing your skin getting rid of all the dirt and pollution and allowing new skin to come through. Making this your best skin ever!

Check out my Favourite products page for some ideas of products for different skin types.

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