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Autumn Wedding Make-up.

I was at a fantastic wedding last week which had a distinct Autumn feel to it. The hair accessories, dresses, flowers all gave away that it was an October wedding.

At the trial, when I was told the theme, we started thinking about ideas for the hair and make-up which would go nicely with the rest of the wedding. The ideas that we came up with to keep a real Autumn feel would be to style the hair with a very "woodland" effect.

The bride opted for a hair up style so we created a look that was wispy and not too neat. We tested the look with a few hair accessories but opted for a flower hair vine as the final look.

On the wedding day we also decided to add in a crown plait, this was an stunning addition to the overall look.

The make-up we kept soft with porcelain skin. We went for a brown-orange wash of colour on the eyes and kept skin clear with a matte finish. We tried a berry lip but the bride felt that she would prefer a softer lip colour as that was more her natural style. So we chose a wonderful peachy-pink, creamy lipstick. We also chose this theme for the cheeks.

The bridesmaids were dressed in Navy blue with matching hair accessories. Hair up styles all round for them, staying with a similar theme but making each style slightly different. The hair was styled with curls which we incorporated plaits and pinned up. Their make-up consisted of a beautiful, grey smokey eye to compliment the darker dresses. We kept the rest of the make-up fresh with a hint of a neutral pink lip colour.

Back To Basics-Skincare

Back to Basics- skincare

Okay we could talk about this forever and it is an endless topic but again I shall attempt to break it down in this blog a little for beginners.
The age old saying " Cleanse,tone, moisturise" isn't far wrong and a very good place to start.
And it's amazing how many clients I see who do not do this on a regular basis. When they do start you can see an instant improvement.

Cleansing: This gets rid of dirt and grime and excess oils that build up during the day/night. Also removes make-up! Most important! By not doing this your skin literally cannot "breathe". It gets congested and looks dull. It also can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.
Cleanse morning and night. Choose a cleanser for your skin type.
(Help with products will come later)

Toners/refiners: Closes pores,smoothes, calms, can hydrate, some types exfoliate(with ingredients rather than just grainy bits)Prepares skins surface for moisturiser.

Moisturiser: This is Key to better looking skin, smoothes, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and acts as a great base for smoother looking make-up, but most importantly adds moisture to the skin.
A blog will follow about winter skincare tips, also see my blog about dual phase cleansing and building on the basics for more information.

Products shown in the above picture are a few of my current everyday products and are ideal for a dry/combination skin type. The above link will give a few ideas of other products which are amazing!

Back to Basics-Make-up

A beginners Guide

A couple of my friends and clients have recently asked me about what they should have in their make-up bags, saying they want to achieve a bit more with their make-up on a daily basis.

They all seem to have the same problem a bag full of their favourite products and just a little time to achieve their daily look. So I thought I would go back to basics on a series of quick looks and essential daily products for your bag!

Here goes-
Back to Basics- A Beginners Guide

5 key everyday make-up products ( I will do a seperate one for skincare as this is a whole different area!)

Base- If you are starting from scratch or not used to wearing any make-up, I suggest starting with a tinted moisturiser. This is also much easier when looking for a colour match as most brands only have around 3 colours light,medium, dark. If you are unsure use a tester to apply colours to along your jaw line. Whichever is easiest to blend to your skin colour choose. Look out for an oil free tint if you have oily skin.

If you wish to increase the coverage use a foundation or use a concealer for problem areas such as dark circles,blemishes.

Check out my Foundation/concealer Blog for more information.

Mascara- Always a firm favourite in desert island beauty products. There are a huge range to choose from. I always think Black is the best colour to choose as you will get maximum impact. Only go with brown if you have really fair lashes and want a really natural look. If you have short lashes choose a lengthening mascara and if you have thin/sparse lashes go for volume. If you have perfect lashes the choice is yours!

Blush- Always the quickest way to add colour and warmth. (Try and avoid using your base to do this)
A peachy/pink tone will give your skin a fresh,everyday glow. Pick a lighter shade for fairer skin and increase colour for medium/dark tones. If you have normal or oilier skin choose a powder formula and if you have dry skin choose a cream blush (these can double up as a lip colour).

Eyeliner/Shadow- As this is a starter guide I suggesting one all rounder product. To change your look, then you will need to build up your products. Choose a medium tone/neutral eye shadow. Taupe is usually a really good colour for light/medium skin tones and a light chocolate hue is great for medium/dark.

Lip- The easiest and quickest way to pick a lip colour for everyday use is a tinted lip balm. It will keep your lips hydrated and add a little colour.

A quick before and after!

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